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Creativity and novelty are the essential business practices at toco packaging. We frequently roll out improved and new packaging designs, state-of-the-art printing techniques, and more. Take a look at our most popular customer-hits belowto discover the latest advancements.
Printing Options
Coating & laminations
Special addons
Paper weight


Cardstock Is Thicker And Heavier Type Of Paper That Is More Robust. It Typically Has Smooth Surface But Can Also Be Glossy Or Textured. It Is Ideal For Packaging Items Like Jewelry, Cosmetics, Dry Foods, And Essential Oils To Create Elegant, Eye-Catching Boxes. Choose Cardstock For A Classy, Protective Packaging.
corrugation material

Corrugated Board

Corrugated Board Is Made By Gluing A Fluted Corrugated Sheet To One Or Two Sheets Of Flat Linerboard. It Is A Multilayered Material, Frequently Used To Make Strong Boxes For Storing And Transporting Bulky Or Delicate Products. It Is The Preferred Material For Shipping Food Products, Office Supplies, Electronics And Healthcare Items.
kraft material

Kraft Paper

Kraft Paper Is Made From Kraft Process Which Involves Conversion Of Wood Into Wood Pulp Which Gives It A Classy, Natural Brown Color. It Is Flexible, Durable And Tear Resistant Which Makes It Perfect For Eco-Friendly Bags And Boxes, Cushioning, And Wrapping Products. It Guarantees Safety And Sustainability For Your Products.
bux board material

Bux Board

Bux Board Is A Resilient, High-Density Paperboard That Is Renowned For Its Strength And Endurance. They Provide Protection And Convenient Handling For Your Products And Can Be Tailored With A Greater Range Of Options. Itis Easy To Deliver These Boxes Anywhere In The World. This Packaging Is Perfect For Fragile Items.
Offset Printing

Offset Print

A Multi-Step Popular And High Quality Printing Method That Involves The Use Of Blanket Cylinders, Metal Plates And Water Repellent Inks, In Which The Inked Image Is Offset From A Plate To A Rubber Blanket And Then To The Printing Surface. It Is The Primary Method For Printing Large Quantities Of Paper Based Packaging.
Digital Printing

Digital printing

A Present-Day Modern Method Of Directly Printing Digital Images, Using Inkjet Or Laser Printers, Onto A Variety Of Surfaces. It Works Well For Short Runs And Customized Packaging Solutions Because It Can Produce Custom Boxes With Accurate, High-Quality Graphics Quickly And Affordably. It Is The Most Cost-Effective Method Because Of Its Simplicity
Gravure printing

Gravure printing

A High-Quality Printing Technique That Involves Engraving An Image Onto A Cylinder And Then Transferring It To The Printing Surface. The Cylinder Has Depth-Varying Cell Carvings. The Ink That Is Transferred To The Surface Is Stored In These Cells. There Are Not Many Variables To Control, Therefore, Less Printing Error And A Consistent Print Quality Throughout The Run.
UV Printing

UV printing

A Cutting-Edge Printing Method Which Uses Ultraviolet Lights To Dry Or Cure Ink Instead Of Thermal Methods As It Is Printed. The Ink Dries Instantly Directly Printing On Various Materials, Producing 3D Textures, Effects, And Gloss Highlights. Because The Ink Doesn't Have Time To Spread Before It Cures, UV Printing Produces Images That Are Crisper And More Defined.
Flexographic printing

Flexographic printing

This Method Involves Soft And Strong Rubber, A Flexible Photopolymer Plates, With Raised Images And Wrapping Them Around Cylinders Positioned On A Rotating Press. The Graphics And Text For Each Color Are Raised From The Plate's Surface, Similar To How Letterpress Printing Works. Only The Plate's Raised Areas Are Inked.
Scodix digital enhancement

Scodix digital

Scodix Digital Print Produces Glossed And Raised Effect. With Its Raised Super Glossy Appearance, It Is An Eye-Catching Way To Highlight Specific Elements In A Design. Scodix Machines Can Create Electronic Representations Of The Most Popular Raised-Ink Finishes, Including Foil, Coating, Glitter, And Others With Tangible Effects.
Silkscreen printing

Silkscreen printing

Screen Printing Is The Process Of Transferring A Design Onto A Plain Piece Of Silk Using Man-Made Screens And Inks. It's A Time-Consuming And Skill-Intensive Process, But The End Results Are Breathtaking. The Thick Layer Of Ink Applied Sits On Top Of The Fabric Rather Than Soaking Into It, And Provides A Sharp, Smooth Finish.
Laser engraving

Laser engraving

Laser Engraving Is A Technique That Evaporates Materials Into Vapors In Order To Leave Permanent, Deep Marks. The Laser Beam Acts As A Cutter, Creating Incising Marks By Removing Layers From The Material's Surface. The Laser Hits Specific Areas With Massive Amounts Of Energy, Generating The High Heat Required For Vaporization.


Varnish Is A Popular Finishing Technique That Adds Extra Protection To Printed Materials While Also Improving Their Visual Appeal. It Not Only Prevents Scuffs, Fingerprints, And Smudges, But It Also Increases The Product's Perceived Value. Varnish Can Be Applied In A Variety Of Ways, Such As Spot Finishing Or In Multiple Operations That Cover The Entire Sheet.
Soft-touch coating

Soft-touch coating

Soft-Touch Finishes Are A Popular Way To Enhance The Appearance Of Paperboard Folding Cartons And Rigid Boxes. It Is A Liquid That Is Evenly Applied To The Design On The Packaging At The End Of The Printing Process. This Liquid Dries Quickly, Giving The Package's Surface A Soft, Touchable Feel.
UV coating

UV coating

UV Coating, Also Known As Ultraviolet Coating, Is A Clear, Lustrous Liquid Coating That Is Applied To Printed Materials. This Type Of Transparent Coating Involves Exposing Varnished Material To UV Lamps, Which Results In A Glossy Finish. The Mixture Is Spread Evenly Over The Packaging Surface With A Silkscreen Or Roller To Ensure Complete Coverage.
Spot Gloss UV

Spot Gloss UV

Spot UV Printing Alters Printed Materials By Strategically Applying A Glossy, Clear Coating, Creating An Enticing The Interaction Of Matte And Glossy Surfaces. Ideal For Packaging, It Transforms Ordinary Packages Into A Sensory And Visually Stunning Display, Emphasizing Design Details.
Aqueous coating

Aqueous coating

Aqueous Coating Is A Clear, Water-Based Varnish Applied To Printed Objects During The Printing Process. It Dries Quickly, Resists Fingerprints, And Is Eco-Friendly. Aqueous Coating (AQ) Allows For Unique Package Designs, And It Is Frequently The Standard Coating Process For Printing And Packaging.
Silver Foiling

Silver Foiling

Silver Foiling Also Known As Foil Stamping Or Hot Stamping Isa Printing Technique That Utilizes Heat And Pressure To Apply A Layer Of Foil Film To A Material. A Shiny Metallic Foil Stamp (E.G., Gold, Rose Gold, Silver)Is The Most Commonly Used Type In Packaging And Printing, Which Makes The Material Look Sophisticated.
Gold Foiling

Gold Foiling

Gold Foiling Is The Process Of Impressing A Thin Layer Of Gold Leaf Onto A Paper Sheet. Golden Hampers On Packaging Boxes And Labels Simply Increase The Product's Market Value. It Appeals To A Wide Range Of Potential Customers Because It Exudes Luxury.


Embossing Is The Process Of Molding, Stamping, Or Carving A Design Onto The Underside Of A Material To Make It Stand Out—Literally. When A Package Is Embossed,  A Raised Or Recessed Relief Image Is Created. You Could Emboss Your Logo, Brand Or Product Name, Or Any Other Design Element.
Window Cutout

Window Cutout

A custom clear window is a cutout in your packaging that allows customers to see the product inside without opening the package. The cutout can be left open, but it is typically covered with plastic film for added security and stability. This feature is useful for food and luxury products.
Corrugation Flute


A Corrugated Layer Of Wave-Like Paper Inserted Between Two Flat Linerboards. The Flute Provides Strength And Cushioning, Which Influences The Box's Durability And Weight.


"PT" Stands For Point, Which Is A Unit Of Measurement For Paperboard Thickness. One Point(1 PT) Is Equal To One Thousandth Of An Inch (0.001 Inch).


"GSM" Stands For Grams Per Square Meter, Which Is A Unit Of Measurement For The Weight And Thickness Of Paper. A Higher GSM Value Indicates Heavier And Thicker Paper, Which Provides Greater Durability And Strength.

Print in Any Color

Experience the endless possibilities of full digital CMYK printing on your custom boxes. Choose from an unlimited palette of colors to bring your design to life, covering both the outside and inside of your packaging. Gold foil, embossing, and other special features can help your brand make a stronger visual impact. Our talented professionals are ready to help you achieve stunning results, with clear pricing and no hidden fees.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For any inquiries, please check out the FAQs regarding the custom packaging procedure. Please feel free to contact us using one of our online forms, live chat, or by calling 1 (862) 261-0012 to speak with a custom box packaging expert directly if you are unable to find the information you need.

What Are Custom Boxes and Do I Need Them?

Custom Boxes are made-to-order product packaging boxes. The packaging, design, material, and even the color of the box is based on your specifications. You choose how you want to showcase your product, while we guide you as far as the technical side of things is concerned.

Your product is the hero and we create packaging options that make it shine while placed in a row of similar products.

What is the Process to Place My Order?

To place an order, you can get in touch with us through email, call or live chat and give us your preferred box specifications. We’ll take things from there. Our design team will provide you with several choices, right from the materials to be used, the printing processes to be involved, and more. As our design team works on the actual product, our finance team will devise a price quote that fits your budget.

Moreover, our marketing team will pitch in to give you an exact picture of where the end product will stand. Once approvals are received and the printing process kicks off, you’ll find the order at your doorstep within a 4 – 7 Business days.

What Are Your Core Product Offerings?

We don’t offer you off-the-shelf products. We give you out-of-the-box solutions, From CBD boxes to corrugated boxes, medicine boxes, cosmetic boxes, food and beverage boxes, luxury packaging boxes, and more, we’ll pack it all in. And because we offer customized solutions, the end product will reflect your brand’s ideology and mission.

It’s our goal to make every step of the packaging and marketing process easier for you. So, even if you are clueless about the packaging process functions or the marketing of a particular product, we’ll be there to guide you throughout the journey.

Can Your Team Create Custom Boxes for Me?

Yes, we can design custom boxes for your business. Share a rough box idea with us so we can turn it into reality. Conversely, you can come to us with a very specific list of packaging needs and we will fulfill them all accordingly.

Can I Order Box Styles That Aren’t Currently Listed on the Site?

We have a wide array of categories that are available for customization with regard to size, color, material, and more. However, if you are unable to find an option that fits your requirements, you can get in touch with us and share the specifics. 9 times out of 10, our creative and professional team will be able to find a solution that will result in a win-win situation.

Can Both the Inside and Outside of My Box Have My Chosen Print?

Yes, you can have artwork printed on the inside, as well as the outside, of the packaging boxes you want. We are happy to make any design adjustments that enhance the packaging and marketing of your product.

Can you create a Custom Box Using Designs I Provide?

Our aim is to pair our technical expertise with YOUR designs. You provide us with your own artwork and we use it in the product packaging. Our graphics team can, however, make minor adjustments to your chosen design as per requirements.

Can I See What the Final Box Will Look before It Is Printed?

At Toco Packaging, our aim is to deliver the exact end product you want. Once you share your design specifications, our creative design team will narrow the options down to the T. We then provide you with actual prototypes and 3D illustrations of your shortlisted options. This gives you an idea of what the finished product will look like before it is printed in bulk.

The printing process does not begin without your approval.

Will I Get a Discount on a Large Order? How Can I Bring My Per Unit Price Down?

We’ve been in the packaging business for over ten years. We have a huge list of suppliers, an amazing team of professionals, and impressive printing processes. This helps us give you what you want at a price that doesn’t break your wallet. While we offer a reasonable price per unit regardless, you do get a special discount for orders larger than 1000 boxes. The discount rates are decided based on order specifications.

How Can I Apply to Get a Quote and How Long Will I have to wait?

We’ve been in the packaging business for over ten years. We have a huge list of suppliers, an amazing team of professionals, and impressive printing processes. This helps us give you what you want at a price that doesn’t break your wallet. While we offer a reasonable price per unit regardless, you do get a special discount for orders larger than 1000 boxes. The discount rates are decided based on order specifications.

How Can I Track My Order?

We’ve been in the packaging business for over ten years. We have a huge list of suppliers, an amazing team of professionals, and impressive printing processes. This helps us give you what you want at a price that doesn’t break your wallet. While we offer a reasonable price per unit regardless, you do get a special discount for orders larger than 1000 boxes. The discount rates are decided based on order specifications.

How Long Does It Take for My Order to Be Completed?

We take around 4 – 7 business days to complete your order from the moment we get the final approval to start printing. We then ship the order to your provided address once a quality check has been conducted. What’s more is that you don’t have to worry about the delivery charges either.

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